(24.5cm) ヨネックス テニスシューズ ソニケージ3


¥10980 ¥8784 (税込) 送料込み


(24.5cm) ヨネックス テニスシューズ ソニケージ3 シューズ セット販売品




カラー「215 ライラック」


8784円激安 お 店 ,セット販売品 (24.5cm) ヨネックス テニスシューズ ソニケージ3,スポーツ・レジャー テニス シューズ,(24.5cm) ヨネックス テニスシューズ ソニケージ3

(24.5cm) ヨネックス テニスシューズ ソニケージ3 シューズ セット販売品










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Fit perfectly for my husband. He is picky but likes this product. Just refer to the preceeding; neckline and sleeves. This is my second pair. I normally wear a 34. These were a 32 but afte couple years they have stretched a bunch and I dont like belts so I got a 30 and they fit me good. A little snug on day one but I know they will stretch a bit. Bought these because I wanted something comfortable and rugged and they don't disappoint. These have become my favorite pair of shorts and I wear them all the time. I can wear them with a t-shirt or casual shirt and it looks good. I can wear them to a party or kayaking with friends.I appreciate all the pockets too because I have places to carry my cell phone, my keys, my wallet, AND other things if I am actively participating in something.The other colors weren't available at the time I purchased these but I'm keeping my eyes out in hopes they become available because I want to add a few more to my wardrobe. This item was not true to size. I purchased a 2XL and it fit like a medium. Zero stretch, but even pants I do have that don’t stretch that are 36, fit much better than these pants. After washing in cold water and drying on low heat it shrunk from medium to basically extra small. Ordered a large that shrunk to a small. Sad. nice big pockets. quality team crest. they seem awesome Of all the shorts I've bought on amazon, these have the best stitching. My only complaint is the pockets are too small. Waist was fine. If you got skinny legs you're good to go. If you don't, don't waste your money. Great shorts. Very cool to The fabric is poor quality and fades quickly with washing. If the fading was the same over all the fabric it would be ok, but it fades in blotches making them pretty unattractive. Not a good value. Good quality.. nice fit.. hubby loves them.. just felt they were a little bit pricey.. let’s see how they wear.. would recommend I give 3 star just bcoz of fiting but pictures say something else u not supposed be show the blet i thought its comes with that which is normally comes its ok atleast o learn a lesson Great pair of shorts to show off those hardened thighs. Super soft and comfy for lounging around the house. fist great, comfortable well made The 34" is too big. The 32" is too small. 33" anyone??!! love these and so glad I found them here as they are hard to find in stores. The length is just right not overly long or too short. Good quality.. nice fit.. hubby loves them.. just felt they were a little bit pricey.. let’s see how they wear.. would recommend
(24.5cm) ヨネックス テニスシューズ ソニケージ3
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