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【ADD CULUMN】PUFF-SHLD ショルダーバッグ アウトレットファッション


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-SELECT ITEM-◇2023春夏◇ADAM ET ROPE FEMME【Material】・ヴィーガンレザー【Design】・光沢の少ないさらっとした質感のクロスボディバッグ・ダウン調の縫製でスクエアに模られたデザイン・コンパクトながら、必要最低限のものがしっかり収まるサイズ感【Color】・ブラック・ホワイト・ブルー・クリーム[ADD CULUMN/アドカラム]2018年にスタートしたファッション小物ブランド。アニマルフリー、ファーフリーの素材を使用したバッグを中心に扱っており、ブランド名は「列を追加する」という意味。「ベーシックとは普遍的なもの。私たちの提供するエコ、ハイクオリティー、ベーシックをあなたのライフスタイルに。」をコンセプトに展開。---------------ポケットの数:2個A4収納:不可長財布収納:不可ショルダー紐:あり(長さ.最短110cm/最長123cm)その他仕様:ファスナー開閉---------------■メーカー品番A23S08B191---------------■メーカーカラー表記 (JUNカラー表記)BLACK(ブラック)WHITE(ホワイト)BLUE(ブルー)CUS(クリーム)---------------■メーカーサイズ表記 (JUNサイズ表記)F(F)---------------
13860円全国激安 ,アウトレットファッション 【ADD CULUMN】PUFF-SHLD, バッグ ショルダーバッグ, CULUMN】PUFF-SHLD 【ADD

【ADD CULUMN】PUFF-SHLD ショルダーバッグ アウトレットファッション










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If the material was any thinner I would think it was a plastic bag. Great Fit I’m 5’3 and close to 200 lbs. Ordered the XL and it fit! I can snap it all the way but I think it looks better with just a few snapped They fit right. True size so if between sizes order smaller. I haven't washed this garment yet but I like the thickness, the color, (more purple than blue but that's ok) the arm holes aren't too big, the neck is tall for someone with an average to long neck, and the neck doesn't stretch out after wearing. It is long but I am 5'8 so that's perfect for me. I ordered two more. Hopefully they launder well. It is tight but that was indicated in the description. I hate when people don't include a photo AND don't tell you their size for reference, so here goes. I'm 5'5 and 145lbs - definitely bottom heavy. I ordered the navy in both size M and L since most reviews said to order 1 to 2 sizes up. The medium fit fine, but I decided to keep the large. Medium was tighter, but wearable. I just thought the large might be better if it shrinks in the laundry at all. I love it. I already put two other colors in my cart to buy if it washes well.It is very long and the neck is a full on turtle neck covering your entire neck. Quality of the fabric isn't cheap looking and the color is great. This is more like a thicker shirt material rather than a sweatshirt. It is very soft and good quality for the money. I am 115 lbs and ordered a small and it fit just fine. Even a little roomy. It fits great! Warm and soft. I get multiple compliments when I wear. Excellent fit with quality Nice shorts. Not exactly the color I was going for. It’s a lot more brighter
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